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Prashant Modi is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL). Under his leadership, GEECL has witnessed progressive growth in revenue, production and profit over the years. But, being the humble that he is, Prashant Modi has always credited the success of the company towards the entire organisation stating that the success is a result of the combined efforts of different people.

Prashant Modi has ample industry experience and is universally respected, trusted and liked. As head of GEECL, he is responsible to look into the operations of the company and promote its business across the nation as well as overseas.

It is indeed true that, that after working for so many years in the energy sector, he has gained considerable industry experience but, his education led the foundation to such a fulfilling career. Apart from earning a degree in Business Administration from Boston University, USA, he also did practical training for 1 year overseas with Qualcomm in San Diego and ANZ bank in London.

In 2007, GEECL became the first company to start commercial production of CBM gas in the country. Through hard work and dedication, Prashant Modi ensured that every exploration, production, and development program of GEECL is effectively carried out and finished in a timely manner. He is also responsible for putting in a lot of effort towards listing GEECL Global Depository Receipt (GDR) at the Alternate Investment Market in the LSE (London Stock Exchange) in the years 2005 and 2006. In 2010, he was successful in shifting the GDR’s to the main board of the LSE.

GEECL presently has two blocks – Raniganj Block, West Bengal and Mannargudi Block, Tamil Nadu. But, the Mannargudi block is presently under arbitration due to overlapping issues with ONGC. Prashant Modi is planning to invest more on the Raniganj block in order to dig another 144 wells which would in turn add to the CBM production of the company.

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