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Prashant Modi is a renowned businessman having a long association with GEECL (Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited). Before being promoted as the CEO and MD of GEECL, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company.

Son of Yogendra Kumar Modi, Prashant Modi has been instrumental towards the huge success of GEECL as India’s first operator in the CBM (Coal-Bed Methane) industry. After completing his management degree with a major in finance from Boston University, he worked for a year with Qualcomm (San Diego) and ANZ Bank (London).

Thereafter, he joined GEECL and spearheaded the efforts of the company to venture into CBM (Coal-Bed Methane) production in West Bengal, India. Till that time, no other company in India had endeavoured in the production of CBM gas.

Apart from being associated with Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, he is also a part of highly recognised national and international bodies. As a businessman based in Singapore, Prashant Modi was also appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer of Mindshare in 2010, which marked his transition from mother company Group M where he served as the regional commercial head.

His commitment, effort and hard-work have been the primary forces behind GEECL’s operational excellence and growth. Under his leadership, the company’s production has witnessed a considerable rise over the years and looks all set to expand its roots further in the country and hopefully overseas as well.



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